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What am I doing with my life? At this very moment in time, I’m doing my best. The best for a person is equal to his or her skill level. Some people are born with money, so developing their skills is not as important as it is for those of us who are born with none, right? Wrong!If I gave you a $1 million today and asked you to turn it into $2 million; over the course of the next year, Could you? Probably not, it would take you more than a year to learn how to get a 100 percent return on your seed capital. Growth requires skill; there is no way around it. Therefore the short answer to the question, “What am I supposed to do with my life?”, is, spending most of your time developing your skills. I will outline this process in the upcoming paragraphs.


What Am I Doing With My Life, I Feel Lost?

You can do whatever the hell it is you want with your life; it’s your right? We all want the freedom to make our choices when it comes to the outcome of our life.  Still 98 percent of the people in the world who are free; act like they are in prison. Most people would do better in an environment where there is no freedom of thinking.  If anything goes wrong, they have the safety net of a boss or superiors to save the day. So when you’re trying to figure out what to do with your life; your ability to take risk will have a lot to do with the options available to you when in comes to making a living.  If you’re currently under the age of 25, then you need to start taking educated risk. It doesn’t matter how old you are; you can always start taking chances. Regardless if you fail or not, you will always learn from trying news things.


Don’t Ask What Am I Doing With My Life?, Pick something and Just Go Out And Fucking Do It.

Life is short, I know we’ve all heard this, but it’s fucking quick when you stop to think about it. I have 24 hours in my day, and Mark Zuckerberg has the same. I’m not saying I can become a billionaire over night, but it all starts with putting in the extra work towards your goals. It’s nothing wrong with going to a major university and getting an MBA. Nothing can beat the experience gained from starting and running a business from scratch, no degree on earth can teach you how to take failure with a positive outlook.  Stop reading the so called Gurus bull shit about having to do something you’re are passionate about, It all comes down to can you bring in more than what you are putting out. If there is a need out there, you feel you can fulfill, then just do it. Learn from your mistakes on the way, don’t dwell on something that hasn’t even happened yet. Once you start to make money, then you can go about finding something do that you’re passionate about, in the mean time find a need and provide for that need.






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